Exeter Children's Orchestra

BSO boost for ECO!

BSO tutors
For several years, top musicians from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra have been giving ECO a professional polish with regular coaching sessions for ECO's young musicians.  


The sessions are part of the BSO's commitment to education and have been supported by funding from Exeter City Council.

Bournemouth musicians lead the rehearsals of ECO's different sections, before sitting in with the ECO players in the general rehearsal. ECO players are spurred on by the expert guidance of the BSO professionals, each one contributing a different speciality. 


BSO and ECO  

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In the past we have also had tuition from Calum Cook (cello), Anna Green (viola), Ed Kay (oboe), Matt King (percussion), Kevin Banks (clarinet), Phil Boyden (violin), Andy Cresci (tuba), David Daly (double bass), Anna Pyne (flute), John Murphy (viola), Julie Gillett-Smith (violin), Dennis Curlett (trumpet), Sandy Bartai (cello), Suzy (flute), and Chris Gale (bassoon)..

ECO's young musicians are thrilled by the chance to meet and learn from members of one of the UK's top orchestras and always look forward to the next visit. It is inspirational for them to meet and learn from professional musicians.